Why Progress at the Gym Can Be So Difficult

If you have ever worked out even remotely consistently before, then you have probably experienced fitness setbacks. It can be wildly disappointing and discouraging to come into the gym ready for a great workout and end up feeling weaker and being unable to perform the same exercises as last time. But there is nothing wrong with these minor setbacks. Making progress at the gym is hard, and if it is really difficult for you, know that it is really difficult for everyone, no matter how it looks on the outside. Here are three reasons why progress at the gym can be so difficult.

It Requires Consistency

The first, and largest, reason that progress at the gym can be so incredibly challenging is because it requires a lot of consistency. It is your daily and weekly habits and tendencies, not huge, singular actions that make up the bulk of your fitness progress. If you tend to go to the gym consistently, and then have a few weeks or months without the same consistency, it is natural to see your progress slow or stop. If you really want to see progress at the gym, you are going to have to go consistently, a few times a week, for months or years to keep your progress going.

You Need to Eat Well

Another major reason that many people struggle to make progress at the gym is because you need to eat well too in order to see gym progress. You cannot grow stronger without fueling your body with healthy foods, and the same is true if your goal is to lean up. Salads are dense in critical nutrients you need for your workouts. Consider making salad your go to pre workout meal to get some healthy, low-calorie food that will propel you through your workout safely and effectively.

Progress Takes Time

The final reason why progress at the gym can be so difficult is because fitness progress takes a long time to achieve. Your gym and fitness journey are a marathon not a sprint. Remember, you likely didn’t reach your current level of fitness overnight, but rather over the course of months, years, or even decades. You can’t expect to make major changes overnight either, but rather know that it may take a long time to see major changes. Focus on the small measures of progress, and enjoy the journey, instead of obsessing over your destination.

It can be disheartening when you go to the gym and discover that your progress is slower than expected. But progress in the realm of fitness is a challenge for even the most fit people out there. Just remember these three reasons that progress is a challenge, and know that with consistency, effort, and time, you can achieve any fitness goal you set your mind to.

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