Orchard Hills is glad to offer programs to keep your children entertained and active! As of 11/7/21, we are accepting children 3 months to 2.5 years old (limited days/times) in addition to children 2.5 to 9 years old.

Please note: Masks are REQUIRED for children 2 years old and up per Lancaster Board of Health.

KIDS CLUB: Play, crafts, or activities in the Kids Club or Clubhouse rooms.

KIDFIT: Movement activities at the basketball court or outside (weather permitting).

“I feel bad for kids that can’t come to the Orchard Hills camp. We get to do so many fun things here. This is the best camp ever!!”

– Camper

“The OH Camp Team always provides a first class experience in learning, fun and social interaction!”

– Camper’s Parent

“We love OHAC! They have great programs for kids too! Our son just finished summer camp and we couldn’t be happier with his experience. He loved it!”

– Camper’s Parent

We would like to thank you for your continued patience as we transition to a new camp software program. We will post here and on Facebook when registration is up and running!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the staff to camper ratio?

We follow the state regulations of 1:5 for children under 7, and 1:10 for children 7 years and up.

What are the ages, qualifications, and certifications of staff? Are they CORI checked?

Our Junior Counselors are at least 16 years old and Lead Counselors are at least 18 years old. All counselors are CPR, First Aid, and AED certified. Our staff also includes Lifeguards, Shallow Water Attendants, and Water Safety Instructors. All staff members are CORI checked.

What is the check in/out process and what if someone other than a parent/guardian needs to pick up a child?

All children must be signed in and out every day by an approved parent, guardian, or other adult. Check in and out is done at the camp gate at the check-in booth. Children are then walked into camp by a counselor. Parents or guardians are not allowed inside the camp area.

If someone other than a parent or guardian will be dropping off or picking up your child(ren), you must fill out the alternate pick-up form. The person will be required to show ID. We cannot release a child to any adult without approval from a parent or guardian.

Our camp gate is locked between the hours of 9:15 am and 3:45 pm to keep your children safe. If you need to drop off or pick up between these hours you must enter the main building and wait at the front desk until a Counselor can assist with walking your child(ren) in or out.

Do you accommodate campers with special needs?

Please feel free to contact our Camp Administrator or Director to discuss how we can best support your child(ren).

Do age groups separate? What if my child wants to be with friend of a different age?

We have two camps, Camp Adventure for children ages 4 through 8, and Camp Renegade for children ages 9 through 13. Some activities are done with the entire group, and some are split by camps. Children in Camp Renegade may choose to participate in an activity with Camp Adventure, but Adventure may not participate with a Camp Renegade only activity.

What does a typical day look like?

Please refer to our daily schedule to review what a typical day would look like for your child(ren) which can be found HERE.

What is the absence policy?

If your child is unable to attend camp for the day, please make sure to email or call the Camp Administrator with the child’s full name at [email protected] or 978-537-8387 x501.

What is your policy on evaluating children for swim lessons/free swim? Pool safety?

All campers will be evaluated on their first day of camp to be placed into the appropriate swim lesson group. Swim lessons are mandatory for Camp Adventure, and Renegade campers must pass a swim test (one length of front crawl, one length of back crawl, one minute of treading) to opt out of lessons. Camp Renegade parents/guardians may request lessons even if their child passes the test. During free swim, children who choose the large pool (4’-5’ deep) must wear a floatation device if they cannot touch the bottom, or they are Red Cross level 2 and under. This rule is for the safety of all campers, as they will be swimming for an extended period.

What if my child is having a blast and would like to add on more weeks?

In order to provide proper staffing, all additions must be done by Friday at 6 pm of the week prior to attending. Additions and changes can be done by emailing or calling the Camp Administrator at [email protected] or 978-537-8387 x501.

What is your discipline policy?

All campers will be treated fairly and equitably. Counselors will establish clear and concise boundaries and expectations with all campers. We expect campers to respect themselves, fellow campers, the staff, the property, and be a role model for everyone. All discipline and guidance will remain consistent and be based on the child’s individual needs and development. The goal of discipline is to always maximize the growth and development of the child and to protect the group and the individuals within it. A child’s attendance at camp is based on his/her behavior as well as the behavior of the parent/guardian. Campers and their families are expected to adhere to all rules, policies, and regulations. If a child’s behavior endangers the overall safety, security, and supervision of themselves and/or others, he/she may be dismissed upon review by staff and the directors.

How do you handle food allergies and medications?

All allergies are taken very seriously. All children with an allergy wear a red bracelet for indication. At snack and lunch, we have a peanut/tree nut free table, and we are able to separate for any allergy. All medications are stored in a double-locked medication box. All medications must be brought to camp in the original container with the child’s full name clearly labeled. Please contact our Camp Administrator and Camp Director to address any questions or concerns.

How can I reach staff during camp hours?

If you need to reach camp staff during camp hours, feel free to call the front desk (978-537-8387) or Camp Administrator (978-537-8387 x501). They can take a message and contact the camp staff.

What is your policy on electronics/phones?

Electronics and/or phones are only allowed for use before camp (7:30 to 8), and after camp (4:15 to 6). If your child needs to contact you for any reason, the Camp Administrator can assist. We highly recommend that electronic devices and phones be left at home as we cannot be responsible for lost or broken devices.

What are your Deposit and Refund Policies

A deposit of $25 per child per week is required at the time of enrollment. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. You may cancel your registration TWO (2) weeks prior to attendance for a refund, minus the $25 deposit. If you need to cancel within two (2) weeks of the date of attendance, you may receive a credit for the amount paid, minus the $25 deposit. This credit may be used toward summer camp or vacation programs at a later date. Campers must have a COMPLETE file (all forms and payment) TWO (2) weeks before attendance. These policies have been put in place for the safety of your child. Staffing must be coordinated in advance to meet state regulations. We appreciate your cooperation.

Exceptions to these guidelines may be altered due to COVID-19 Restrictions.1

Orchard Hills Summer Camp complies with the regulations from the MA DPH and is licensed by the local Board of Health 105 CMR 430 190.

For additional information or questions, please contact our camp administrator at [email protected].

School Vacation Camp

We would like to thank you for your continued patience as we transition to a new camp software program. We will post here and on Facebook when registration is up and running!

During school breaks, we offer one week programs that are very similar to our Summer Camp!

  • Swimming
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Racquetball, Basketball, Floor Hockey
  • Creative Arts and STEM
  • And MORE!

We host our Vacation Program during December, February, and April school breaks.

For additional information or questions, please contact our camp administrator at [email protected].