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Tips For Working Out at Home When You Don’t Have Much Space

A small space does not mean you cannot work out. It just means you have to modify what movements and exercises you do to break a sweat. Get a great workout at home by using your body, making use of the space you do have, and using what you’ve got.

Use Your Body

According to TrainHeroic, the weight of your own body can be an excellent way to strengthen different parts of yourself. For example, a plank and push-ups make you focus your strength on your arms, shoulders, and core where they must bear your weight. There are many workout videos available that show you how to work out using your body. Your body is a great resource for providing resistance and strengthening exercises.

Make Use of the Space You Do Have

Depending on the type of workout you choose, you may not need much space anyway. A lot can be accomplished from a standing position or laying down. Getting a treadmill or bike is a great way to dedicate a small space to your fitness and get a good cardio workout in. According to Sonoma Backyard, swim spas can be a great option for people who want to use swimming as a workout but don’t have room for an actual pool. Evaluate the space you do have and dedicate areas where you can focus on your overall health and fitness.

Use What You’ve Got

If you do not have a weight rack, you can improvise with the items you do have. For example, strength training can be achieved with resistance bands or small weights. Even if you do not have small weights, according to Jetsetter, you can use water bottles or canned goods to add a little bit of weight to your exercises. A chair is a great substitute to do dips, and a sturdy table can act as a gym bench. If you do not have a yoga mat, but want to do exercises associated with it, just find a surface that is not slippery, as a slick surface can be dangerous.

No matter how big or small your current space is, there is certainly space for you to get a good workout in. Small spaces generally mean a little more creativity and determination. Be creative with the exercises you do by using your body, making do with the space you do have, and using what you’ve got, to get a great workout in.

If you’re stuck in a small space at home, try working out at our expansive facility! Start by joining here.