Month: April 2020

What You Can Do to Stay Active When Working a 9-to-5 Desk Job

Gone are the days of hard labor jobs. With innovations in technology, many of the tougher jobs done by humans have been transferred to machines. This, of course, has led to more office jobs being created and filled. However, along with the comfort that an office job provides us, it also introduces health risks. The […]

How Regular Exercise Improves Your Mental Health

By now, many of you understand the consequences of an inactive lifestyle. Having an inactive lifestyle can lead to health complications such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, as well as many other chronic illnesses. For many, working out means changing their body image for the better, some may simply want to challenge themselves, but have […]

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Taking a vacation from everyday life doesn’t mean you have to take time off from your exercise regimen and healthy eating. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, extended time sitting and away from your own kitchen can put you at risk for health problems. It may be difficult to find something other than fast […]

3 Reasons Today Should Be the Day You Start Your Fitness Journey

If you’ve been out of the gym for a few years, or this is your first time attempting to work out, exercise can truly be the key to a better life. However, for many, working out may seem too out of the way or too difficult. Yes, starting a fitness journey can be a little […]

Professional Resources Athletes Should Use to Their Advantage

Once you have a workout program in place, it can be difficult to boost your energy burn. You may put yourself at risk of injury or simply not know the next step to take. No matter your fitness level, getting together with a personal trainer or physical therapist is a great way to step up […]

How Can Athletes Recover More Effectively at Home?

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of an active lifestyle – they come with the territory. Most athletes will experience a sidelining injury at some point in their careers. Knowing how to overcome the adversity by meeting the challenge of recovery head-on can make a dramatic difference in the extent to which the athlete regains the […]

Cheat Days and You: What You Need to Know When Losing Weight

Employing well-executed cheat days can help you to push through your diet initiatives. By incorporating cheat days into your weight loss plans, it will be easier to stick to your overall goals. Here are three things that you need to know about using cheat days as part of your plan to lose weight. When to […]