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The Best Exercises for Increasing Your Endurance

Have you ever participated in a neighborhood sports tournament or worked out with a friend and wished that you didn’t get so tired so fast? When you’re trying to increase the amount of time that you can exercise without getting tired or stopping, endurance workouts are everything. No matter how strong or fit you are, if your endurance isn’t very high, you won’t enjoy being active as much as you could. Here are some of the best exercises for increasing endurance.


Running is one of the best exercises for increasing endurance. Some people don’t like to focus on running when they do their workout routine because they feel that it doesn’t help them to build muscle or lose fat as quickly. However, running is one of the best ways to build your endurance, which will be important in every other workout or active program you participate in. 

If you’re working up to an endurance goal with your running, remember to be consistent, increase the tempo and length of your runs, and keep working on your strength to aid in your running goals.


Swimming is another great activity that will help you to increase your endurance significantly. Swimming is a full-body exercise that uses your arms, legs, core, and almost all of your muscles. For this reason, it is a great endurance workout that will get you breathing hard and your heart pounding. 

If you’re not used to swimming for your workout, make sure that you’re patient with yourself. It can take time before you’re able to swim long distances. Work consistently to increase the distance that you’re swimming, and you’ll see improvement.


If you don’t love running or swimming, try biking as a great alternative. Biking will help you to increase your endurance significantly. It is a great workout for your legs and core, but biking will also help you to increase your strength and breathing endurance. If you don’t love spin bikes, invest in a mountain bike and hit the trails near you. Mountain biking will often give you some great obstacles, uphills, and challenges that will push your endurance.

So, if you’re trying to increase your endurance to perform better in your workouts or just to feel healthier as you live an active lifestyle, remember these tips. Running, swimming, and biking can each help you to increase your endurance in a lasting way. When you focus on adding this type of exercise to your routine, you’ll see how your performance increases in every other area of your workout.

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