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Why You Should Always Make Time for Exercise

Exercise isn’t easy for most people. But then again – nothing worth doing is really easy. Exercise, in and of itself, has loads of benefits that go beyond what you may expect. Thus, it’s always worth the effort to make at least a little bit of time in your day for exercise.

Make a Habit of It

Getting up and exercising once is indeed difficult. What’s even more difficult – but also more important – is creating that good habit. Everybody wants good habits – going to be on time, using social media less, eating healthy. By creating a habit of exercise, you prepare yourself mentally to take on other healthy habits in the future. Habitual exercise is when the real benefits begin to kick in, anyways. Your cardiovascular system and your muscles will quickly become stronger. You’ll start burning calories and body fat. Your stamina will improve. And none of this requires superhuman exercise – just consistency. That is the most important thing. After a bit, you’ll also start to notice improvements in your mental health.

Reduce Your Stress

The positive effects of exercise on the brain are many and well-documented. The physical effort gives you something to push towards. It can be cathartic to exert yourself. There are also biological reactions to exercise that can bathe your brain with happy chemicals. Physical exercise releases endorphins that can improve your mental health and reduce stress. Even just running at a moderately challenging pace for twenty minutes can trigger the release of such chemicals. Regular exercise has even been shown to be an effective treatment for clinical depression.

Results of Exercise Only Come Afterwards

It may be an obvious statement but thinking about exercise will never be enough to make a real difference for you. Even doing it one time – no matter how hard it may be – will not make a real difference. Neither will doing it twice. Only when you have done it habitually over a period of time will physical, mental, and emotional improvements start to manifest. And, although it may seem impossible to some, it is entirely within reach. You may even find yourself enjoying the exercise that you used to dread.

Find an exercise that you enjoy. After all, you don’t have to just run or lift weights. You can dance, swim, play sports, or try yoga or martial arts. Once you find the exercise that really engages you, you will find the key to bringing yourself better physical and mental health for the rest of your life.

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