Exercises That Are Perfect for The Summer

Being able to exercise outside is one of the best parts about summer. While everyone can appreciate the gym, there’s something incredibly rewarding about doing your workout outdoors in the sunshine. This summer, try incorporating some of the following exercises into your routine to make the most of the summer weather.


Hiking is one of the best ways to exercise while taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather. In the summer, you should take every opportunity to get outside into the sunshine, because your chances are fleeting. Hiking is an incredibly low-key exercise option that you can adjust to whatever intensity you like. Use it as an opportunity to get out into the mountains and chat with your friends while you hike. Pick a steeper incline for a higher intensity workout, or a steadier path for a more casual walk. You can do this with your kids, as a date, or as some much-needed alone time. Hiking is the perfect opportunity to exercise while enjoying nature and soaking up the summer sun.


Swimming is another one of those classic summer exercises. Swimming is perfect for those scorching hot summer days where you just can’t seem to cool off. On days like that, the best way to spend it is poolside. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your body. It works nearly every muscle group, and is easy on your joints. This is another one of those exercises you can take the family along with you for. Swimming helps you work on your tan, and sculpt your muscles and get your heart pumping as well. You should take it slow at first and slowly work your way to longer swims. Don’t push yourself too far too fast.


Another summer exercise favorite is tennis. On warm, summer nights, there’s nothing better than getting out to the tennis court with your friends or partner. Tennis helps you with your endurance as you run back and forth to hit the ball, not to mention the arm workout you get from swinging the racket. You can also incorporate your kids into your tennis practice. Teach them how to properly hit the ball, challenge them to a kids vs. parents match, and make a family activity out of it.

As summer approaches, more and more focus is placed on exercise and getting outside. While exercise should of course take place year-round, there are some forms of exercise that are perfect to do during the summer time. This summer, try incorporating some of these ideas into your exercise routine.

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