What to Eat to Improve Your Energy Before Workouts

If you are serious about your exercise and workout performance, then you know that the results lie in maximizing the small factors and changes that can give you boosts in the gym. There are many different factors that affect your workouts, but perhaps the single largest is your pre workout nutrition. The meal you eat before going to the gym is what is fueling you during your workout, so what you eat will determine your energy. Here are three things that you can eat to improve your energy before workouts to get the most from your sessions.

Complex Carbs

The first thing that you should be including in your pre workout meals for the best energy in the gym is complex carbs. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy, so consuming carbs before a workout is pretty essential. Simple carbohydrates, like processed grains, sugars, etc. give you quick energy, but cause a crash. Complex carbs, like whole grains, plant fibers, etc., do not cause a blood sugar spike, so they provide you with smoother, crash free energy which is essential to sustain your energy through your workout. Complex carbs are a must to keep your energy high for your entire workout.

Plant-Based Protein

Another great food to include in your pre workout meals for the best energy during your workout is plant-based proteins. Meat is a lot more intensive on your digestive system than plant-based proteins, like beans, typically are. This means eating meat before a workout could actually hamper your workout rather than help. A plant-based diet doesn’t necessarily cut meat entirely but considers it more of a garnish. If you are serious about your pre workout energy, you may want to consider taking a plant-based approach to pre workout nutrition.

Healthy Fats

The final thing that you should be including in your pre workout meals to improve your energy is healthy fats. While you may not think of fat as particularly useful for your workouts, healthy fats are essential. Healthy fats play a large role in your hormones, having enough healthy fat in your diet is what allows your body to make the kind of healthy changes you want from working out. Nuts and fish are great sources of the healthiest fats to help your workout energy.

What you eat plays a major role in your energy levels at the gym. If you really want to maximize your workout performance, you need to consider what you eat before the gym and what impact it has on your performance. Make sure your pre workout meals contain some or all of these three foods for the most energy.

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