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Tips for Improving Your Balance

Balance is often something that is taken for granted until you start to struggle with it. It’s usually something that comes so effortlessly when walking, running, or performing other daily activities that you probably don’t even think about it most of the time. That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t use some work though. So how do you go about improving your balance?

Try Exercises

One of the first things you probably think of when trying to figure out how to improve your balance is different exercises to practice balancing. The body doesn’t like to be unbalanced. Performing exercises that allow you to practice balancing helps train your body’s neurological pathways to help you stay upright and stable. It will take consistent practice, but over time you should start to notice yourself improving. You’ll be able to stay in different balancing poses longer and feel more secure in them. You may even be able to ramp up the difficulty beyond what you were previously capable of.

Go to Physical Therapy

Sometimes struggles with balancing come from problems with your vestibular system. Your vestibular system is located in your inner ear and is responsible for registering both linear and angular accelerations and movement. If this system becomes injured or damaged, your balance can be severely affected and you may need to do some physical therapy. Vestibular therapy can reduce symptoms of vertigo, including frequent migraines. As your condition improves, your balance should improve as well.

Strengthen Your Core

If the problem with your balance isn’t your vestibular system, you’re probably suffering from nonoptimal muscle performance. Balance comes through stability, and stability originates in your core muscles. These include your pelvic floor muscles, abs, multifidus, erector spinae, diaphragm, lats, glutes, and trapezius muscles. To keep your body stable and balanced, these muscles need to be strong and balanced themselves. Muscle imbalances pull on your body and make it tough to align yourself correctly to maintain balance. Taking steps to strengthen your core and correct muscle imbalances can help improve your balance by allowing your muscles to stabilize you and hold you in a balanced position.

With persistence, practice, and patience, improving your balance is possible to do. You can perform specific exercises designed to help you practice balancing, see a physical therapist, and work to strengthen your core. As you strive to improve your balance, you’ll decrease your risk of falling and injuring yourself and enjoy the benefits that come with greater stability.

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