What You Should Know Before Hiking This Spring

Summer is the perfect time to get out and hit the trails for some hiking. Rising temperatures and the colors of the season on full display make summer hiking a true delight. However, before you take off on your hiking adventure, it is important to be prepared with the right gear and information. Here are three things that you should know before hiking this summer.

Pack Efficient Snacks

Do not take off on your journey without packing the right snacks. The best snacks provide lasting energy while still being convenient enough to carry with you. Good choices include peanut-butter pretzels, classic trail mix, dried fruit, granola, olive packets, apples, and beef jerky. Be careful not to bring along anything that might melt and get messy in the heat. Lastly, it is imperative that you pack enough drinking water to get you through your hike. This is especially important if you are hiking in warm temperatures. Make sure not to underestimate how much water you will need to stay hydrated.

Wear Proper Clothing

You will enjoy your hike much more if you have the proper clothing and gear. If you are hiking at higher elevations, you need to plan for residual snow on the ground. Hiking boots will provide the protection and traction that you need in these types of conditions. Dressing in layers will ensure that you are ready for a variety of temperature ranges. You also need to take care to protect yourself from insects and wildlife. If you are hiking in a heavily forested area, you must wear bug repellent to protect yourself. After your hike, check for ticks and watch for any symptoms if you are ever bitten.

Recognize Your Limits

If you are new to hiking, it is important that you acknowledge your limits and plan your hike accordingly. It is tempting to get swept up in the idea of a big hiking adventure and accidentally bite off more than you can chew. If you are hiking with children, it is especially important that you choose trails that are age-appropriate. Once you get a feel for the trails in your area, you can challenge yourself with more difficult terrain.Summer hiking is one of the best ways to connect with nature in a variety of stunning settings. It won’t take long before you become addicted to this amazing outdoor activity and its many benefits.
If you’re planning on doing a strenuous hike, you’ll want to make sure you’re in shape before you go. Take advantage of our equipment in our fitness center so you can be ready to go!