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Professional Resources Athletes Should Use to Their Advantage

Once you have a workout program in place, it can be difficult to boost your energy burn. You may put yourself at risk of injury or simply not know the next step to take. No matter your fitness level, getting together with a personal trainer or physical therapist is a great way to step up your exercise plan.


Your gym may offer training from a variety of professionals. Check out the trainers at your facility to see their training style. If you’re looking to increase your weight lifting capacity but need work on your form, work out with a trainer who spends their time in the weight room. For those who want to improve flexibility and balance, work with a trainer who also teaches yoga. Purchase a session or two to see how you feel during and after the workout. You should feel well exercised but not exhausted. There may be some muscle soreness the next day, but it should not be severe.

Physical Therapists

If you’re coming off an injury or illness, time in the physical therapy room can be the best way to get moving again. Talk with like-minded people to see if they’ve ever worked with a physical therapist who they can recommend. Discuss your next steps with your physician, surgeon or chiropractor. Online reviews can provide you with information on the effectiveness of a particular physical therapist. Over 90 percent of patients read online reviews before choosing doctors and therapists. Remember that you want a physical therapist to guide you back to strength and health.

Group Training for Accountability

If you occasionally struggle to get to the gym, joining a workout group can help. Meet with friends who will hassle you if you fail to show up for an early morning workout. Not only can this help you build better workout habits, but you can reduce the cost of working with a personal trainer if you are part of a group. Even if your workout time is limited, you can build strength and great habits in group training. Ask for help on form, and stop if you notice any discomfort.

The best exercise plan in the world won’t work if you don’t consistently do it. Investing in a trainer and setting time with a physical therapist can mean the difference between showing up and not making time for a workout. You deserve excellent health. Having a trainer on your side can help.

If you’d like to get some help training, learn more about our personal training services here.