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Should You Wear Full Safety Gear When Training?

Contact games are very aggressive, and players need to protect their body parts from different types of injuries. Sports like hockey, football, lacrosse, baseball, rugby, and HEMA require that players wear protective gear. The gear comes in the form of helmets, eyewear, safety pads, mouth guards, gloves and footwear. While players must ensure appropriate protection when playing, many people are still uncertain about whether they should also protect themselves when training or if there are situations in which they can be excused.

When You Don’t Need To Fully Gear Up

Protective gear is an essential element of a contact game. However, many players like to be free from all the bulkiness that the gear brings. Sometimes, safety gear can be uncomfortable and interfere with a player’s movement. It can bar vision or prevent the person in training from running comfortably. That’s why players look for even the slightest opportunity to stay away from the protective gear. It is mandatory to wear protective gear in a real game situation. However, when it comes to the training, you can choose to go without the gear to enjoy the comfort and freedom of playing gear free. You have to be careful because there are still going to be bumps and falls even in training, and these can cause injuries.

When You Should Fully Gear Up

Knowing and adhering to the proper safety concerns of sports is paramount in ensuring the safety of the player. You never know when injuries will happen; thus, it’s essential to adhere to the safety regulations in all situations. The risk of injury is the main reason why people wear full protective gear. Other reasons are based on the rules of the game. You need to protect every part of your body that gets into contact with the equipment, other players, or the ground. Of all the gear, the helmet is the most important because head injuries can have severe consequences on your health. You should know that head injuries can take years to manifest, so you should minimize the risks to your head. Head injuries can have detrimental effects on your brain’s health. That’s why you need to do all it takes to avoid head injuries by wearing a high-quality helmet.
Every game has its rules on the proper protective gear and how to wear it. The rules also dictate how the players should conduct themselves in the field to avoid putting others at risk of injuries. Sports are supposed to be fun and not a means of inflicting pain on the players. That’s why wearing proper protection and taking precautions are necessary.
It’s important to always be safe when playing sports or doing any other kind of fitness training. If you need help knowing with workout techniques to make sure you are being safe, try some personal training!