Top Tips to Help Teen Athletes Perform Their Best

There are a variety of steps that teenagers can take to improve their athletic performance. Having a plan to push your body to excel while still giving it the nourishment and care that it needs is the smartest way to be your best on the field or on the court. Here are three proven tips for teen athletes to be successful in their athletic pursuits.

Fuel Yourself

ou cannot expect to put your best foot forward if you have not properly fueled your body to handle the demands of competition. The cornerstone of solid athletic performance is proper hydration. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of drinking enough water. Student-athletes also need to listen to their growing bodies and nourish them with the right nutrients and whole foods. Because teens are experiencing extreme growth spurts, it is vital to pay attention to macronutrient consumption. Extreme calorie deficits can negatively affect all aspects of a teen’s health, both physically and mentally. The right balance of foods that are rich in antioxidants, protein and calcium will promote muscle growth, increase endurance and boost the immune system.

Embrace Rest

When it comes to performing at peak levels, it is important to understand that sometimes less is more. If you intend to drive your body to its upper limits, it’s critical to remember that you still need to rest. Although it may be tempting to put in more training in an effort to improve your skills and performance, it is vital that you get the rest you need and that you recognize when you may be pushing your body too far. Unfortunately, heat exhaustion is common in teen athletes who don’t pay attention to their body during practice or competition. Signs to be on the lookout for include dizziness, confusion, nausea and fainting.

Good Coaching Is Key

Behind every successful young athlete is a great coach. Finding solid coaching and training options is one of the best things you can do to ensure success in your athletic pursuits. Not only should the coach know how to effectively train young athletes, but they should be a good match for your personality. Connecting with a coach will empower you to do your best and increase your odds of success.

In order to achieve success, teen athletes need to be smart about how they treat their bodies. Taking the right steps at the beginning of your athletic career will yield long-lasting health results and set you up to be your best.

If you’re a teen athlete and you want to get some extra training in your schedule, come work out at our fitness center!