Author: Orchard Hills Athletic Club

What to Do After a Running Injury

Running injuries are an unfortunate reality for many athletes, whether you’re an avid marathoner or a casual jogger. When faced with an injury, it’s essential to take the right steps to promote a speedy and successful recovery. We will discuss what to do after a running injury, from seeking treatment to allowing yourself time to […]

What Happens to Your Body Physically When You Exercise

Your body is an amazing machine that adapts to the demands placed upon it. When you exercise, your body undergoes numerous physiological changes that help it meet the challenges of physical activity. Here’s what happens to your body physically when you exercise. Your Heart Rate Increases One of the most noticeable changes that happen to […]

Exercises That Are the Most Calorie-Intensive

Many individuals are on the lookout for effective workouts that can help them burn calories and achieve their fitness goals. Calorie-intensive exercises not only contribute to weight loss but also improve overall health and cardiovascular fitness. HIIT High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a popular workout method that involves alternating between short bursts of intense activity […]

Foods That Will Make Your Breakfasts Healthier

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, but many people struggle with making healthy choices in the morning rush. Fortunately, there are many foods that can make your breakfasts healthier without sacrificing taste. These foods will help you get your day started the right way. Oatmeal Oatmeal is a […]

Foods You May Not Have Known Were Great for Workouts

Eating the right foods before and after a workout can make all the difference in terms of how you feel during and after exercise. But what are the best pre-and post-workout foods?  Here we’ll discuss some of the best options to fuel your workout and help you recover afterward.  Oats Oats are an excellent food […]

Why How You Eat is Just as Important as How You Exercise

Have you ever spent months working out without seeing any change in the way you look or feel? If so, there is a possibility that you aren’t eating right to help your workouts be more effective.  Here are a few reasons why how you eat is just as important as how you exercise.  Diet Affects […]

Health Warning Signs to Pay Attention to After Working Out

Working out is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between normal post-workout fatigue and signs of a health issue. Here are three common warning signs that should not be ignored after working out.  Remember, if you experience any of these symptoms that do not […]

Factors That Should Affect the Intensity of Your Workouts

Have you ever wondered if you’re working out harder and more intensely than you should? Certain factors or circumstances should lower the intensity of your workouts to make sure that you’re avoiding injury and keeping yourself healthy. Here are a few factors that should affect the intensity of your workout.  Injury First, if you’re injured, […]

Signs You Might Need to Get More Exercise

It can be difficult to know if you’re exercising enough, especially if you have a very busy schedule without a lot of flexibility. However, exercising can help your physical and mental health, so it should be a priority in your life. Here are a few signs you might need to get more exercise. You’re Constantly […]

What Personal Trainers Can Help You With at the Gym

If you’re like most people, you go to the gym with a goal in mind. Maybe you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get healthy. Whatever your goal may be, personal trainers can help you achieve it. Here is a look at some of the things that personal trainers can help you with […]